your fav music

VVAVE will handle your whole music collection
by retreaving semantic information from the web.

Just relax, enjoy and discover your new music


with your music

VVAVE is multiplatform, so you can use it on GNU Linux, Mac OSX, WIndows and Android.
Kirigami makes VVAVE's UI convergent, so it can adapt from your Plasma Mobile phone and to your desktop setup.


Get semantic and contextual information about your music.
Labels, stats, dates, producers, and similar artists, tracks and albums.
Music lyrics wikis, and much more...


Minimal mode with just the album artwork and playback-controls. Playlist mode with your current playlist and queued tracks. Collection mode with a full overview of your music collection...

Open Source

VVAVE is an open source project hosted by the amazing KDE community.
Feel free to contribute, redistribute and fork it


VVAVE learns from the internet to let you re-discover your music.
Collect music from your favorite video streaming websites using the VVAVE extension. VVAVE integrates the popular youtube-dl utility...


your fav music

Create your own playlists and search for music based on semantic queries.
Send your music to your phone.
Add moods to your music.
Edit your file metadata with the help of the internet.


List all of your tracks to filter by title, artist, album, genre, rating... etc


Browse your music with the album artwork on display and quick actions buttons


All of the music artists in your collection, ready to be played or drag and dropped onto your playlist


Put together your own playlists, discover your music with the smart playlists or send your playlist to your phone


Get info about the track playing: wikis, tags and lyrics


A smart D.J to show you the way. Re-discover your music and keep on listening to new music


your fav music

Mark your fav music.
VVAVE has a main playlist where you can drag and drop tracks, artists, albums and custom playlists to be played or put on queued.

Native to KDE

VVAVE is designed to tightly integrate with the KDE Plasma desktop.
KDE Connect, MPRIS Controls, KRunner and native notifications.